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Staying inTouch through our NonProfit Web Design

Understatement of the year: we generate lots of ideas at Blue Archer.  Every day here consists of brainstorming in some manner - in private, out loud, on paper, and sometimes in the form of dance. The goal isn't to evolve each and every idea into a fully-realized goal. We take a "baseball" approach, where batting at or near .300 is considered pretty good. Think up 10 innovative ideas, implement 2 or 3, and your company will always provide clients with something fresh and applicable.

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The Internet is a scary place...

As we head into this Halloween weekend, there are reminders all around us of the scary things in life... ghosts, goblins, witches, the internet... Yes, here at Blue Archer, we know the internet can be a scary place. Whether you are a newbie on the scene or even someone that has been involved in technology for while, the internet and managing your own website can be scary.

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Hats off to "White Hat" Search Engine Optimization

"#1 rank for any keyword in 7 days!" . We've all come across ludicrous promises like this one from time to time when researching search engine optimization tactics and services, right? We know it's impossible to fulfill such claims while maintaining a sense of site content-integrity. 

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Color Scheme Facilitators: 3 Radiant Color Tools

From your business website, to your logo, from your printed brochure to your major billboard, one thing remains consistent: the colors you chose are incredibly important. Your brand colors and accent colors not only act as another medium for communication but also reflect your brand values to potential customers.

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Reverse Marketing: The Future of Marketing

Most cities are known for tall buildings and flashy ads on busy streets; there's almost limitless opportunity to utilize creative advertisement space.  For businesses looking for customers, that can be extremely appealing. But that all comes with a price tag - a big one, at that. Furthermore, the big investment for traditional advertising and marketing may not even be yielding a positive ROI.

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