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Header Image Twitter Update: Brand Your Twitter

Yesterday morning, Twitter announced the introduction of the new header image. Ah, the wave of a visual focus across social media platforms continues.  But don't fret! This is not only a completely easy tweak to make to your business Twitter profile but also a great opportunity to further brand your page. The new header image does not get rid of your current profile image; instead, it simply acts as a backdrop to the top of your profile.

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Ranking Google PageRank: How Important Is It?

PageRank has been around for a while now. It's in the Google toolbar; it's in the Firefox browser toolbar; it's just there. Because it's there, we have a tendency not only as search engine optimizers but also as web surfers to believe that the PR is the end-all-be-all of page authority.  Let us be clear: it is not!

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Blue Archer Site Redesign

September 26th was a big day for the Blue Archer office. We launched our completely redesigned website. And, boy, did it need the overhaul.  Turns out we have been so busy creating and optimizing business websites for our clients that we have, in fact, neglected our own site!

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The SEO Market Review 2013 E-Book

With the help of our last post What's The Fuss Over SEO, you now know exactly why SEO is important if not downright crucial. But where is the industry heading over the next year? As an Internet-based industry, we know one thing: change is a constant.  However, with the help of some of the industry leaders, we can predict where the emphasis will be in SEO within the near future; and this information will help you guide your SEO efforts during the next few months.

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Social Media Revolution

Happy Wednesday, everyone! It's the middle of the week; why not take two minutes to watch a quick film?  Grab your popcorn and eat fast because this is a great, concise synthesis of data in regards to the social media value.   

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