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Gaining an Edge on Competition: SEMrush Tool

In business - regardless of the industry- there is one word that proves inescapable: competition. Competition drives the marketplace. The same is true with websites. In your integrated plan for creating a well-rounded digital identity, it is imperative to see what your competition is doing, analyze how well it is working, and develop strategies based on this research. What is the general design trend for your specific industry?

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LinkedIn Company Pages Get a Face Lift

LinkedIn recently dished out some great new features for brand pages, making things a bit more exciting, a bit more interactive, and most important: full of branding opportunity! Here are some of the things you know in order to give your LinkedIn business brand page a much needed face lift today.

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Communicating with Social Influencers

In the marketplace - and in social media, especially - you may hear a great deal about influencers.  These influencers may be individuals or businesses which have a great deal of authority and expertise in a specific niche or they may be individuals who simply influence your target audience. 

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Google+ New Communities Feature

A social media platform rolling out a new feature facilitating community engagement and communication? We didn't see this one coming, right? Google+ made the anticipated and obviously beneficial move early last wee to roll out new the new "community feature".  Similar to Facebook groups and LinkedIn groups, this new feature is a digital location for people to assemble around a specific interest, subject, or discipline.

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A Picture's Worth 1000 words: Optimize Them All

A picture may be worth a thousand words...but unless you're optimizing those words for search engines, chances are those thousand words will be lost in translation.
Here's something some of you might know, and here's something that will shock some others: Search Engines can NOT see images. That's right. You could populate your site with images rivaling the beauty of an original Monet masterpiece, and search engines won't see a damn thing.

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