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Responsive Website Design

Balfurd came to our team seeking an updated, responsive web presence for their dry cleaning and commercial linen supply companies. Although both companies shared a common Balfurd name, they served two distinctly different audiences. Therefore, our team built independent websites for the companies that not only improve the user-experience for site visitors but also maintain a cohesive Balfurd brand.  

The new, responsive websites now better serve the more than 30% of users who come to the Balfurd websites from a mobile or tablet device. 

Build a Strategic Foundation

When the Balfurd dry cleaning and commercial linen companies shared a single website, many Balfurd customers found it confusing to navigate through the unrelated services. Once we quickly uncovered the need for two separate sites, our strategy phase was dedicated to determining goals for the separate websites.

For the linen supply side, we needed to design the site and craft supporting messaging that would de-commoditize linen supply. Balfurd didnít just deliver linen products to businesses; they provided a complete, high-quality service.

On the dry cleaning side, the site needed to increase delivery sign-ups, communicate a high-end brand, and showcase their GreenEarth certification.

Responsive Design

Balfurd wanted to maintain their branding and recognizable visual identify, so our team of designers focused on updating and refreshing the brand from a digital perspective. The websites include clear call-to-actions and emphasize the companyís competitive advantage and differentiators through the branded Balfurd Difference.

The final design incorporates both photography and iconography for users to quickly identify what Balfurd services would best fit their needs. If a user scrolls past the homepage service information without finding what they need, they are provided with contextual information encouraging them to tour the plant via video or learn more about their green technology.

Building Information Architecture

The original Balfurd website was overloading their audience with information, giving many visitors choice-paralysis. We worked with the Balfurd team to re-imagine the site-maps and information architecture for each company. The new site maps alow for users to search by either industry or service.

On the dry cleaning side, it was most important for users to be able to immediately locate contact information upon site entrance. They would also need to view store hours, scan customer reviews, and ultimately sign-up for laundry delivery service.

For linen supply it was necessary to provide concise service information, visually identify their service area, and clearly display location contact and sales information.

Industry Blog

In order to communicate industry expertise, both Balfurd sites include an on-site blog. The blogs help to provide site-users with targeted information to help them solve problems, but it also aids in organic SEO by keeping users on the site longer and appearing in search engine listings.

The dry cleaning blog helps everyday customers better care for their clothing while the linen supply service blog helps businesses like restaurants and hospitals make linen related business decisions.


Balfurd Dry Cleaning and Balfurd Linen Service now have independent websites that serve their individual users more clearly and effectively. Using the CMS, the Balfurd teams can make changes to shop hours, add additional service offerings, and update their blogs regularly.


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