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Mitsubishi Electric Power Products - SharePoint

Digital Strategy, MS SharePoint Implementation

Mitsubishi Electrical Power Products, Inc (MEPPI) is the US subsidiary of Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, and provides the power, rail transport, and water treatment industries with electrical products.  Serving both a specialized and highly diverse constituency, MEPPI required frequent updates to their Sharepoint-powered website.  Our Blue Archer team provided a virtual team of Sharepoint developers to MEPPI with the resources and skills necessary to complete the project on time and budget.

Project Management & Planning

Blue Archer staff worked with MEPPI staff to determine the scope of the project and the skill sets required to ensure a successful launch. This initial exploration enabled our team to ask the necessary questions to help finalize the specifications for the project and provide a definitive quote.

Once the budget had been finalized and the work was approved, our Blue Archer Project Manager worked with an internal project manager at MEPPI to execute the project. Together, we set specific project milestones that included code check-ins at set intervals for approval. Along with completing assigned tasks, it was also important for our certified Sharepoint developers to identify improvements to the existing implementation and submit recommendations.

Sharepoint Content Development

Our first project with the MEPPI team involved content development and editing on their existing Sharepoint implementation. Our Sharepoint developers made all the improvements and changes on the back end, while the MEPPI team controlled the publication of the new pages and changes to existing pages to ensure process control throughout the project. In order to deliver the most convenient final solution to our client, we conducted the delivery of the final code release without IT staff involvement from MEPPI.

Transportation Systems Division Website

Juggling several product divisions on their Sharepoint implementation, MEPPI needed our help with a website strategy, site-map and web design for their Transportation Systems Division. The division offers AC propulsion systems for railroad commuter cars and locomotives, and they wanted to develop an online presence that reflected their current offline brand.

The site would be accessed by numerous, unique users including engineers, rail car builders, banks and investors, general contractors and even politicians. Therefore, it was important for our marketing team to outline each prospective userís website needs before moving forward to prototyping and design.

Uninterruptible Power Supplies Division

For MEPPIís Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) division, we developed a custom internal system for their employees who perform maintenance and other utilities to power supplies products. The system allows the employee to log-in and scan a product QR code or enter the product serial number. Once they do so, they can access internal documentation about the product such as a list of product history including previous repairs or replacements to facilitate maintenance. The system also allows the employees to upload new documentation to account for ongoing maintenance.


Our certified MS Sharepoint developers and designers enabled MEPPI to provide a cost efficient solution to their user groups without hiring full time resources or employing expensive on-site contractors. Our website redesign for the Transportation Systems Division and custom system programming for the UPS Division established what continues to be an ongoing, productive client relationship with Mitsubishi Electrical Power Products, and we look forward to continuing to support them in their future Sharepoint and custom development needs.


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